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    Mobile advertising isn’t just one of the most popular high paying businesses on the web, it’s also an online
    business that have stood the test of time when other online businesses fail. But when you are starting
    from scratch as a non-techy person, it can be difficult to develop the portal. We can help you setup a
    profitable Bulksms & RoboCall Website

Let's HELP YOU Start Your Own Bulk SMS & RoboCall Business in Less than 72 Hours with this Offer

The Bulk SMS Business

         SMS is being used for content services such as television voting and polls, companies’ advertisement, brand promotion etc. SMS has delivered excellent response rates for a variety of companies that have added it to their marketing mix - in some cases over 50% ! So what are you waiting for? Now is the right time to jump in and establish an almost unlimited source of substantial long-term income, by acquainting businesses with our advanced marketing platform under your own brand.

         Start your own white label SMS and RoboCall Marketing business in an immensely growing mobile market. Our platform is the definitive turnkey Mobile marketing platform and can be used as a white label solution for promotion and media agencies, marketing providers, and companies serving their own local clients. We provide enterprise level, web-based software at a low cost. With our script, you can benefit a boundless number of clients and manage these accounts from an intelligent administration panel.

         Mobile Marketing is becoming big business. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent every year on mobile marketing campaigns. Businesses from Fortune 500 companies down to the local mom and pop shops have jumped on the SMS/Voice call marketing bandwagon, and the reasons are because it’s very affordable and have a high ROI due to extremely high open rates and messages arriving instantly. Forget about email spam filters. SMS and Robocall messages are direct and are opened 97% of the time!

         What makes our service even more exciting is that it can be applied to almost any business model. Each of the businesses in the partial list below could use our services to target their customers instantly and inexpensively, thus increasing profitability:

All Stores (Grocery, Department, Shoe, Clothing, etc.),   Restaurants (all types),   Religious Organizations ( churches, mosques, etc),   Bakeries/Coffee Shops ,   Bars/Night Clubs ,   Health/Sports Clubs ,   Video Rental Stores ,   Car/Motorcycle/Boat Dealerships ,   Recreational/Social Organizations (Scouting, Rotary, Youth, Alumni, etc.) ,   Media Stations (Television, Radio, etc.) ,   Universities/Colleges ,   Governments/Counties

Our Portal Features

Bulk SMS

A Robust, User-Friendly and Content Management System Based Bulk SMS Business Platform


Built For Voice Blast popularly known as Automated Voice Calls, Voice Broadcast or Robocalls. with so many Features

Advanced Reseller API

Integrated with Robust API, so your Reseller can send SMS, Voice, check Balance & Messages Status via API

Voice Recorder

Integrated High quality Voice Recorder. Record your Audio Call and Send from the Same Platform. No software required.

Wav/Mp3 Converter

VoiceSMS Portal Creator converts MP3 or WAV file from your users to WAV or MP3 required by your Gateway .

Network Routing

Use Multiple Gateway/API at a Time. Configure separate Routes/APIs for different Networks or Countries.

Text To Speech

Text-to-Speech engine, Converts Written Text to Audio with Natural Sounding Voice and Premium Quality Audio.

Online Payment

With Multiple Payment Gateway Integrated, Paypay, Google Checkout, Payza, Visa, SimplePay, GTpay, etc.


Reports and Charts which shows you Portal Statistics and Trends, Total Users, Users Balance, Voice/SMS Sent, etc.
sms voice Portal

Our BulkSMS and RoboCall portal is built on Joomla, this allows you to adapt or alter the design of the website as you wish, Features include user's management, voice recorder, Text-to-Speech, Mp3/wav converter, PhoneBook, billing, Multiple Online payment Integration, Network routing and statistics etc. The Platform is easy to manage, no programming skill needed. Supports every major HTTP SMS Gateway in the world!,

We build and host your portal for you. click on

choose a hosting option, choose your preferred domain name and make payment. After confirmation, we start developing your portal, additional information and articles maybe be required from you during this period. Your BulkSMS/Voice Portal will be completed in 3 working days, You will choose your sms/voice gateway, payment options, privacy and contact details,

Screenshot SMS/Voice Portal screenshot

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